Friday, April 18, 2014

Blue Skies

Blue, blue skies. Despite the cold winter, late snowfall, and icy roads, I've come to appreciate Vermont skies. Before the buds and tiny leaves fill the treetops, we have wide open expanses. Meadows are still flattened from the weighted snow blanket. Lake views are crisp, clear before the onset of summer's humidity; I can often count individual houses on the New York side, 8 miles away.

It was the first thing I noticed when we moved here from Portland, Oregon nearly 20 years ago. Winters may be colder, but oh, the sunshine! I no longer pine for the big city life, the crowds, though I do miss skiing volcanic open slopes. Openness. Which is what I love about Lake Champlain. 110 miles long and 8 miles at it's widest.

Spaciousness. Crisp skies. Great shadows. And Canadian geese moving north, filling my commutes with song.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

We Interrupt this Commuting Program...

View out my car window as I drive up the dirt road to my workplace. Icy roads had
 melted by the afternoon. The snowy landscape was surreal.
It had rained the day before, but I totally did not expect to wake up to the rumble of a city snowplow. What the heck? I rise and peer outside to discover a few inches of snow turning the landscape winter white.

75F one day and 25F the next. Fortunately, it's a momentary hiccup. Tomorrow's forecast is for a frosty morning with clear skies, then warming to typical April temperatures. Now that I can handle!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Feet

A pre-storm warm front blustered through our area on Sunday, bringing summer-like weather. And big wind gusts. The kind that howl. Once I collected the detritus of 30 mph wind gusts: our trash can, plastic sled (kids left outside full of blue surgical gloves filled with water -- don't ask -- which then toppled over and sailed into a neighbor's yard, spreading blue hands from here to kingdom come), Nerf darts, and lawn chair (my fault) I finally got around to getting ready for a bike ride. I celebrated the glorious warmth by wearing my beloved bike sandals, a definite sign that Spring's here to stay. The lake ice has sailed towards Canada, finally and my little piggies are dancing a happy tune.

Who else has favorite sandals for bike riding?